For example, on Saturday he warned of unspecified retaliation if Iran enriches more uranium than allowed under the 2015 nuclear deal.

“I can only say, ‘you’ll see’,” he told reporters at the end of a G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan.

Only a bully and abnormal person can talk in this way.

A major question is that who is going to punish the Trump administration for violating the nuclear deal, which is endorsed by the UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

He is so arrogant that has been threatening to punish any country or company that does not honor the illegal sanctions imposed on Iran.

Another question that must be asked is what has been left that the Trump administration has not done against Iran. The only major thing left for him is to order a military strike against Iran and even that may be on the agenda as the United States is reinforcing its military buildup in the Persian Gulf and the wider Middle East region.

He sees no limit for his illegal moves to punish Iran. Even when Iraq was sanctioned for its invasion of Kuwait during Saddam Hussein’s regime, the United Nations allowed Iraq to sell oil to import basic commodities. However, Trump is working hard to zero out Iran’s oil export, the country’s major source of income.

His administration even prevented Iranians living abroad and foreigners to send humanitarian aid in the form of money to those Iranians whose life had been washed away by devastating floods in March and April.

To prove that he is cruel, bully and his words and actions are abnormal in every sense of the word, it is enough to look at his administration’s approach toward Iran. On the one hand he, and recently his close aides, are calling for dialogue with Iran, and on the other they use harshly insulting language, such as “terrorist nation”, “Marxist theocratic regime” and “murderous regime”, against Iran and simultaneously add to their list of sanctions.

The approach that Trump has adopted toward Iran is an example of a man who is beating another person to force him to talk to him. It seems that his strong egoism cannot allow him to understand that these two cannot go together, especially in the case of the proud Iranian nation.